Agios Dress Godet Sleeve Print

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Brand: Orientique

Get ready to enchant with the mesmerizing Agios Dress Godet Sleeve – a perfect fusion of sustainable elegance and everyday sophistication! Crafted from 100% sustainable rayon, this dress not only looks fabulous but also supports a greener planet. With its graceful godet sleeves and captivating abstract pattern, it exudes an air of feminine allure that sets it apart from the rest. Versatile and wearable for any occasion, this dress offers unmatched comfort and effortless style. Let your individuality shine through with the Agios Dress Godet Sleeve, your go-to choice for expressing your unique style and confidence all summer long. Elevate your wardrobe with its signature shape and one-of-a-kind design, making a sustainable statement that's sure to turn heads and leave a lasting impression!

  • Sleeves
  • V Neckline
  • Midi Length
  • Beautiful Sweep
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